[Computer-go] another Shodan Challenge?

Willemien wilemien at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 16:58:04 PDT 2011

For who is interested

on http://www.suomigo.net/wiki/JouniValkonen

There is another challenge:


If someone makes a gobot that wins me on best of 5 match (80 40
fischer), I will pay for the programmer €1000 X-prize. Prize will be
in effect for the next 2000 years or when the winner of the
competition has been found. Challenges can be played during European
Go Congress, but I accept them only after successful preliminaries
played on rapid time settings at KGS.
Discussion on challenge:#
Do not be crazy. You will lose your 1000 euros in no time. --Randy Anon
Feels a bit risky. Good luck ;) --Markus Hietava, 2010-04-15
Perhaps risky, but I do not see that far ahead to the future that
there are real threats visible. --Jouni
I think you, Jouni, are 1 dan on kgs. Progam Zen19 is 2 dan on kgs.
Therefore, if you play today Zen19 would win. Have you played Zen19
recently? Junle 21, 2010. Mark
Haha, I am now 2 dan on kgs... therefore I will win! But thanks for
your comment. --Jouni
Jouni, you just went a tiny amount over kgs 2 dan. Zen19 went past kgs
2 dan in January. Zen19 is now 2/3 of the way to 3 dan. So zen19 will
still beat you. --Mark S., July 3, 2010.
Did you match against zen19? -- pseuu
I see you, Jouni, lost 3 games in 2010 to program Zen. You are KGS 2
dan and Zen19 is now KGS 4 dan. Do you still accept the X-Prize
challenge? Mark S., December 26, 2010.

Challenger: JouniValkonen

EGD rating

At the moment around 1Dan

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