[Computer-go] [Computer-go ] Congratulations to Zen!

Jacques BasaldĂșa jacques at dybot.com
Fri Jun 3 04:51:29 PDT 2011

Nick, thanks again for organizing and the new table.
A conclusion that can be draw from the table is that,
except for the 2nd and 3rd place of Pachi and MF which
was very disputed and anyone could have won, the
different ranks give very consistent results. Almost all
games against lower ranked opponents are wins.

And the 6th is Mogo! We really have a pool of strong
programs. Congratulation to StoneGrid, I didn't know it
was so strong consistently beating Mogo on these time

Points are harder to win than in Formula 1! But I really
expect to finish this year above zero. ;-)

PD. Thank you very much Aja! I am eager to try the Erica
binary. I still use Silvain's Mogo despite its 15M nodes
limit and Fuego of course. Erica will be welcome. I hope
it can be set to fixed number of simulations and that it
can run many sims with reasonable (say 2 Gb) limits.


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