[Computer-go] EGC computer-go tournaments

Jean-loup Gailly jloup at gailly.net
Sun Jul 31 07:56:06 PDT 2011

Congratulations to Zen ! The official result of the 19x19 tournament is a
draw with Pachi,
but because Zen beat Pachi, Zen gets to play the pro on Wednesday. I hope
the game will be
played at 5 stones. I think Zen has good chances.

Congratulations also to Mogo for beating Zen ! (Mogo wins Zen which wins
Pachi which wins Mogo.)


2011/7/29 Olivier Teytaud <olivier.teytaud at lri.fr>

> Dear all,
> the URL of the EGC tournaments:
> https://www.gokgs.com/tournInfo.jsp?id=607
> https://www.gokgs.com/tournInfo.jsp?id=608
> https://www.gokgs.com/tournInfo.jsp?id=609
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