[Computer-go] Go is not much different from chess

Leon Matoh leon.matoh at guest.arnes.si
Mon Jul 4 23:33:49 PDT 2011

I have no hardware for this. I set
a comp and am playing against gnugo.

1000 games takes too long
but anybody else is welcome.
just download pachi and change that line.

This is just proof of concept. Of course
komi window is not perfect.
If game is won or lost for more as 20 points
window would definitly not be correct
This was on old computer and there
was horizont effect. Play-out engine has
some shortcoming which can greatly
affect outcome. And bot can not
choose safest moves as human player would
if it is winning (as of now).

But you must admit the games look correct
until the end. And bot can play all games to
the end if expected result is in the komi window.
I was looking on gtp console and there
was some satifaction when I was translating
normalized winrates back to result point in the

Also at this stage goal should be to
find the best moves on board and not just
winning. When bot plays good moves it
can always choose safe moves between good ones.

Leon Matoh

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