[Computer-go] Go is not much different from chess

Leon Matoh leon.matoh at guest.arnes.si
Mon Jul 4 03:00:06 PDT 2011

I tried to scratch my back yesterday
so bots can play proper endgame.

During this time I exchanged
several emails with with certain people.

When I started writing summary of
my findings, that single idea showed how we
can use all chess knowledge and apply
it to game of go.

I am writing short article and
would appreciate some peer review
from expert in chess programming
or a mathematician.

I have short summary and am writing
through emails.

I will not discuss it in this  forum as I have no time
to engage in debates. Idea is so simple that
you would't believe and I have no time to
engage in debates.

All I ask is that you wait a little until I finish
short article (day or two) and suspend your disbelief.

It all started with one line changed in source code of pachi
program to confirm the idea.

Leon Matoh

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