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Mark Boon tesujisoftware at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 12:55:54 PST 2011

Forget Android. You need to build that into a pair of shades. How long
until we get Chess-implants?


On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 11:51 AM, Jim Babcock <jim at jimrandomh.org> wrote:
> Back in November, I wrote to this list looking for a deadness
> evaluator for my project, Go Scoring Camera. Well, I'm proud to
> announce that Go Scoring Camera is now up on the Android Market, with
> a 7 day free trial version ($10 for the full version). This is
> actually the second iteration - the first iteration was an
> unpublicized beta - and it has lots of nice features the first
> iteration didn't like SGF export, score estimation using wavefront
> analysis, and support for seki (though you still have to mark groups
> in seki yourself if you're using a ruleset which cares about that).
> Get it from the Android market or check out the user documentation at
> http://goscoringcamera.com/?page_id=4. So if you've got an Android
> phone, whip it out the next time you're playing on a physical board!
> I ended up using Fuego for deadness evaluation, running server-side to
> get around the programming-language incompatibility issue. I also
> tried gnugo, but rejected it because if you give it a mostly-empty
> board and ask for the aftermath, it would self-play a whole game. (At
> least, it did the way I had it set up; I suppose there could've been a
> workaround I didn't find.) It finds the grid with an ad-hoc algorithm
> based on looking for straight lines with a Sobel edge detector and
> fitting to them. Stones are identified by throwing a bunch of features
> - brightness, redness, edge presence, etc. in various sample patterns,
> into the Weka machine learning package. It works pretty reliably as
> long as you're using a real board, and not photographing a monitor,
> which doesn't work very well. It also has a pretty good visualization
> to help you spot and fix errors, and since everything is done
> server-side, any mistakes it makes end up in my dataset to be
> investigated and fixed later.
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