[Computer-go] I need an off-the-shelf final positionlive/dead evaluator

dave.devos at planet.nl dave.devos at planet.nl
Mon Feb 21 11:29:02 PST 2011

But I think in pro games it is not unusual to fill dame after 2 consecutive passes.

> It seems a lot of people still don't fill dame, though. I looked at some
> recent games on gobase, and even pros don't do it apparently:
> http://gobase.org/replay/?gam=/games/japan/titles/honinbo/65/game-
> 02.sgf&off=null
> KGS players usually don't do it either.
> RĂ©mi

In pro game records the dame filling moves are often left out of the record,
since they don't add anything.  The actual games are played until all dame
are filled.


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