[Computer-go] CGOS 9x9 activity

valkyria at phmp.se valkyria at phmp.se
Sat Feb 12 00:27:27 PST 2011

CGOS 9x9 has been lively the last week. Zen 7.1 played a 100 games and  
showed its superiority again also on small boards. Togo is back and  
makes life hard for Valkyria by playing new innovative variations out  
of book.

Also yesterday Erica played a handful of games, and I hope it will  
come back after some tuning.

So please connect your strong bots and prove they are strong, or find  
the bugs that are lurking! I found some nasty rare nakade bugs in  
games against Zen and Fuego which I believe I would never see against  
weaker programs because they misplay life and death too much.


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