[Computer-go] naive thoughts on enthalpy and dynamic komi

Alain Baeckeroot alain.baeckeroot at laposte.net
Sun Feb 6 08:21:51 PST 2011

Le 05/02/2011 17:44, Brian Sheppard a écrit :
>> Yes i mean (as Nick did) enthalpy
> Nick's formula is entropy. The enthalpy formula is very different.

oh, sorry.
So we know Temperature (miai value) and entropy.

> Nick's information-gathering analogy is also apt: by collecting trials that
> have greater entropy your search is collecting more information. This leads
> directly to a theory of why dynamic komi might improve search.
> I don't see a relationship between enthalpy and dynamic komi. Perhaps you
> can explain?

My thoughts were not specific to dynamic komi, just wondering if the 
analogy can be continued, and whether it could give some useful 
information about the game, at least for analyse, and detect anomaly or 
abrupt changes in the game state others than winning probability.

Sadly, my university years are a bit far in my memory, i need to reread 
my courses...


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