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thanks for sharing ! 
I agree that databases used for scientific purposes should be made public. 

Recently I asked Bill Shubert (from KGS) about getting game archives from KGS but without much success. 
He told me that the best way to get games was by spidering KGS's web pages. 
According to him, a lot of people are doing it since some time.  
So it would be nice if someone made those games public. 

What about collecting all games that people on this list have and set up a server with different 
databases for 9x9, (13x13 ?) 19x19, humans and bots games ?


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(Oops. Wrong thread. It was "[Computer-go] Game databases" of course.)


I have compiled different collections from
over 100K sgf files filtering all repeated,
short handicapped, wrong size, wrong player level,
blitz time settings, etc.

The last one I did which is use in many of my learned
patterns and in my paper:


Has 55,271 high quality games. The entire collection
is stored in a single binary file which is an array
of identical records. The format is documented inside
the zip file.

It can be found in the supplementary materials at:


And the specific file containing the database is:


Games were compiled from different sources and since
only the moves are stored I guess there are no copyright
issues. I certainly do not claim any copyright on this
file and think it is correct to use it for research
as public domain.


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