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David Doshay ddoshay at mac.com
Wed Feb 2 18:27:38 PST 2011

"Secure" is a relative term, but yes, the correct order was indeed to get the AV software up and running prior to connection to the network, and then start the updates. It was a painful lesson, one that keeps me nervous when I am warned up front that I must turn the AV software off. Obviously, that means being off the network when using that application.


On 2, Feb 2011, at 11:09 AM, Robert Jasiek wrote:

> On 02.02.2011 17:52, David Doshay wrote:
>> The last time I bought a Windows box it was infected before I finished downloading the
> > updates to the OS from Microsoft. It was a pain to get that straightened out.
> The correct order is to first make Windows and the harddisk secure, only then connect to the internet (for downloading the updates or whatever).
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