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I've repaired many a Windoze PC which was crippled by malware. I use Avast and 
other freeware tools which are a) more effective than the usual stuff shipped 
with your PC, b) cost less in terms of resources, and do so at c) a price so 
good that you can't afford not to use it. 
 Terry McIntyre <terrymcintyre at yahoo.com>

Unix/Linux Systems Administration
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On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 3:36 AM, terry mcintyre <terrymcintyre at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Researchers have reported Windows machines infected within fifteen minutes
> of being connected to the internet.
> Ever marvel at the size of your bulging "spam" folder? The contents usually
> are sent by large armies of compromised machines - and yours could be one of
> them.

I'm sure it's possible, if you make an effort. And no, I never
marveled at the size of my spam-folder.

Like Jim O'Flaherty wrote, if you have a simple router/firewall in
between your PC and modem I doubt you'll have any problems at all. And
nowadays most modems even have a firewall built-in. Like I said, I've
gone years without any problems ever. I'm afraid you're greatly
exaggerating the danger of disabling the AV software on a Windows PC.
I see the AV on Windows as a sort of extortion and have always refused
to pay for this kind of 'protection'.

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