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This has been the subject of many discussions and debates on this list.
Essentially, the evidence shows that although win/loss "loses" information,
it is the most correct evaluation that captures what the go player should
try to achieve.  If you take into account the size of the win, you are
somehow saying that bigger wins are better than small wins.  However you
weight the scores, you risk the programme favouring some of the aggressive
lines of attack which may also be riskier, rather than playing safe for a
half-point win.

On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 11:15 AM, ds <ds2 at physik.de> wrote:

> If I read correctly, the playout results in Monte Carlo usually used are
> only win or loss.
> Is there a good reason, why one should not take into account "height
> (number of stones)" of the win?
> It feels like loosing information to me?!
> Thanks a lot
> Detlef
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