[Computer-go] issues on 19x19

Aja ajahuang at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 23:50:45 PDT 2011

Hi Darren,

> Hello Aya,
> What makes you think that? (real question, not rhetoric)

   If you are asking me, then I am Aja, not Aya. :)

> RAVE is a bit of a crude heuristic: if a move is good deeper in the tree
> it is good at the top of the tree. It works for the same reason monte
> carlo playouts work: in go, most of the time most of the positions on
> the board are not that sensitive to move order. (*)

> Do people think RAVE is just a stepping stone and eventually it will
> have to be replaced by something that understands better what is going
> on. Or do you think when we finally roll out the "9p bot" that RAVE will
> still be in there?

   My opinion is RAVE will still be in there, but it needs to be further 
improved. In my dissertation, I will describe a method to strengthen RAVE 
which is worth around 30-50 ELO.

> By the way, is "bonobot" stronger than Aya on equivalent hardware, or
> are they about the same?

   Darren, do you mean Aya or my program Erica?


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