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terry mcintyre terrymcintyre at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 27 10:40:10 PDT 2011

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From: Daniel Shawul <dshawul at gmail.com>

> I am having problems making my engine play a decent game on 19x19 board. Some 
>KGS games
exposed the following problems.

> 2) My second problem concerns use of progressive widening/unpruning which looks 
>like a must to have on 19x19.
The problem I have is with the move ordering... If I tell it to  moves on the 
3rd line from the edge are good ones, 

it continually puts its stones on that line (hence forming a square), while the 
opponent controls the centre and also
cuts some parts of the 3rd line. 

Perhaps some probabilistic ordering, rather than a fixed preference for the 3rd 
line? That is, a sort of a lottery which favors the 3rd line ( say 80% of the 
time ) but does not give it 100% of the slots every time.
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