[Computer-go] New Crazystone is 5D on KGS now

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I will get my PhD at the end of July and I am sincerely grateful, from my 
deepest heart, for Rémi's supervision in my PhD career. Rémi is really a guy 
full of ideas. Mostly I was only experimenting on his innovations, though I 
also came up with some new ideas on my own.

We share many ideas (it's a very nice experience), but we didn't share the 
source code (between Crazy Stone and Erica) and still keep (or insist on) 
some different approaches for our own programs, such as Crazy Stone is using 
progressive widening while Erica is using RAVE.

I am very happy to see my supervisor's program becomes strong. :)


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On 23 avr. 2011, at 16:44, Jason House wrote:

> Wow, congratulations. Was there anything that caused a big strength jump, 
> or was it lots of little improvements?
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I had stopped working on Crazy Stone for about two years after winning the 
second UEC Cup. But I was supervising Aja, and we found a few good ideas 
together. I started to work again on Crazy Stone about one year ago, when 
Unbalance contacted me. At that time, Crazy Stone was far behind the 
strongest programs, so I had to work hard to catch up. Crazy Stone may have 
improved 3 stones since then, so I'd say it is lots of big strength jumps 

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