[Computer-go] New Crazystone is 5D on KGS now

Rémi Coulom Remi.Coulom at free.fr
Sat Apr 23 08:41:51 PDT 2011

On 23 avr. 2011, at 16:44, Jason House wrote:

> Wow, congratulations. Was there anything that caused a big strength jump, or was it lots of little improvements?
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I had stopped working on Crazy Stone for about two years after winning the second UEC Cup. But I was supervising Aja, and we found a few good ideas together. I started to work again on Crazy Stone about one year ago, when Unbalance contacted me. At that time, Crazy Stone was far behind the strongest programs, so I had to work hard to catch up. Crazy Stone may have improved 3 stones since then, so I'd say it is lots of big strength jumps :-)


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