[Computer-go] cgos output question

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Wed Apr 20 21:21:55 PDT 2011

If I understand correctly, following script which I'm using may 
solve your problem.

(./cgosGtp-linux-x86_64 -c config -k stop) >>log 2>&1

And "grep 'E->C' log" extracts the messages from Engine to Client. 


David Doshay: <8F39FBF3-2842-4C2C-A37D-7779BC69058F at mac.com>:
>I know what to do from a unix command line, but I do not know how to get my output sent to a 
>log file when using the CGOS script. It is going to be hard to debug my crashes without a log 
>Since the nearly successful game against mogo3k we have had 2 crashes against Brown.
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