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Brian Sheppard sheppardco at aol.com
Sun Apr 17 18:17:49 PDT 2011

I would like you to post messages about Pachi to this list. I believe that
many others would feel the same.

An easy way to allow people to filter quick is by tagging the subject. E.g.,
(Pachi) on the subject line would let people know that the post is specific
to Pachi.


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  We have set up a separate mailing list for Pachi in order to keep
Pachi-specific discussions off the computer-go mailing list, and also help
broaden the developer community. Anyone interested in Pachi is welcome to
join at:


  (Also, we have finally set up a real (though simple) homepage for Pachi at

  Happy go research,

				Petr "Pasky" Baudis
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