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Jacques BasaldĂșa jacques at dybot.com
Sun Apr 17 07:30:20 PDT 2011

 > Pachi won a 7h game against Zhou Junxun 9p, who is an active 9p
 > player and has won at least one world title. I would say this put
 > Pachi at top amature or beginning pro level.

Simplifying: All pros are 9d. The handicap system is not fine grained
enough to measure differences at pro level. Any handicap is too much
handicap between competitive-level pros.

I insist in "competitive-level", because the p in pro measures the
achievements in the whole career. Just like a Wimbledon winner is a
Wimbledon winner for ever, even if he/she is 80 year old. Therefore,
the p you get depends or strength, but also: luck, available opponents
when you where a the peak of your career, psychological strength to keep
focused for many years, etc. So some 9p may be weaker than some 1p, 
specially if big age differences apply.)

So handicap 7 (wins and losses) is consistent with 2d strength, which is
the current level of top MCTS programs.

Again, oversimplifying. Handicap stones do not add linearly, etc.


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