[Computer-go] Beta 4 of standard engines "lite" is now Available

Brian Sheppard sheppardco at aol.com
Wed Apr 13 20:21:07 PDT 2011

NeuroGo is failing immediately for me. I figured out why. I copied both Lite
and Hevy packs, and the two have incompatible cygwin1.dll files.

I invoke NeuroGo with "neurogo -config NGconfigB.gtp", and the run-time
dialog is "The procedure entry point _feinitialise could not be located in
the dynamic link library cygwin1.dll.


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Thank you so much for the feedback on the beta 3 CGOS standard engines pack.
Sorry it has taken me so long to produce beta 4. As usual it can be
downloaded from the CGOS Standard Engine Packs page on the Computer Go Wiki:

http://computergo.wikispaces.com/CGOS+Standard+Engine+Packs#Download and Use

Main points:

    * Feedback on Windows 7 showed that the pack didn't work - now
      updated and working on Windows 7. Thanks so much for that!
    * Markus (the author) discovered an old compiler feature/bug was
      causing the instability of Neurogo. This is now fixed. I haven't
      seen Neurogo fail to finish a game since this has been fixed (100s
      of games played).
    * New engine added, James. This is based on the Brown1.0 source
      code, the idea being that it will eventually replace the Brown
      executable as it can run both the Brown algorithm and the James
      algorithm. Currently on trial.
    * There is a trial .bat file for launching 19x19 engines. Note, this
      feature has had very little testing though.

All the best


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