[Computer-go] 7.0 Komi and weird deep search result

Aja ajahuang at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 06:40:52 PDT 2011

I made an example for testing jigo, as the attachment. Hope it helps. The 
example is explained as follows,

1.It's black's turn to move, komi=7.
2.The best move is B9.
3.B9(black)=>J8(white), then the result is B+1 (B,W=45,36).
4.J8(black)=>B9 or C9(white), then it is jigo (B,W=44,37).

I rapidly tested this case in Erica. Erica could find B9 both with and 
without the exploration term. But with the exploration term, she found B9 

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