[Computer-go] 7.0 Komi and weird deep search result

valkyria at phmp.se valkyria at phmp.se
Fri Apr 1 01:32:07 PDT 2011

I never used dynamic komi for 9x9 so I do not how stable my code is.  
But perhaps simply using increments of 0.5 rather than 1.0 when the  
dynamic komi changes will be good enough it would also even make  
dynamic komi in games with non integer komi more smooth.

Quoting Darren Cook <darren at dcook.org>:

>> I did not want to spend a lot of time changing Valkyria completely for
>> integer komi ... The hack is that every time a jigo occurs in a playout I
>> randomize which player should win
> Given that you use dynamic komi, how about this alternative hack: treat
> jigo as a win for one player, and rely on dynamic komi to shift it
> around such that if there is a win (rather than a draw) for the player
> to move it will be discovered.
> Darren
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