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David Fotland fotland at smart-games.com
Sun Sep 26 02:25:54 PDT 2010

No results this time, since they will be available soon.


A game between Fuego and Gomorra was decided by the "long cycle" rule.  If a
position is repeated, the game stops and is either a draw or a win depending
on how many stones are captured by each side in the cycle.  Gomorra
implemented the rule, but got it backwards, and lost when it repeated the


Mogo was crashing today at the end of games.  The mogo team thought this was
unfair and tried to tried to withdraw from the tournament.  The tournament
directors conferred with the players and decided to have Mogo continue
playing, but use the manual system they were using yesterday, which doesn't
have the crashing issue.


Gomorra had a connection through a very slow machine that added up to 10
seconds per move, so it lost two more games on time, before switching to
another routing machine.


MyGoFriend continues to do very well.


Valkyria lost two games to Gnugo.


Many Faces lost several games early in the opening.  A good opening book is
required now to play strong 9x9 go.



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