[Computer-go] using the opponents time for chosing komi

Stefan Kaitschick Stefan.Kaitschick at Hamburg.de
Tue Sep 14 02:28:44 PDT 2010

  The usual way to use the opponents time, if it is used at all, is to 
guess the opponents move, and do a normal search on that presumption.
If the guess was correct, then the search results can be used, otherwise 
they are thrown away.
This is probably the most reasonable way, but ofcourse the effectiveness 
is not so great.
Getting back to the the dreaded topic of dynamic komi, I would like to 
suggest an alternate way of using this time:
Do a normal move search at several different komi levels, each with a 
fraction of the normal number of positions.
It's not about finding the best move, only about estimating the winrate 
at different komi levels.
This komi vs winrate profile could then be used to determine komi for 
the next search.
Basically adjust the komi to the largest value that avoids a significant 
drop from the winrate at regular komi.
The standard approach probably goes for a certain winrate that must be 
maintained, but that way it's impossible to say how much additional risk 
is actually beeing taken.


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