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Sorry for my very rough description and thank you for the 


Olivier Teytaud: <AANLkTikyH9A9_n66osR9vvhK6C0MKxMYU9_i9wxBEeRD at mail.gmail.com>:
>> I'd like to know both numbers, Pasky.  BTW, does pachi use root
>> parallelisation on the cluster, ie, the same as of MoGo, Fuego
>> and MFG?
>In MoGo it's not root parallelization. We share the statistics in the tree,
>e.g. once per second (depending on the time settings);
>more precisely, we average
>- the number of wins,
>- the number of losses,
>- the number of amaf-wins
>- the number of amaf-losses
>in all nodes in the tree with more than e.g. 5% of the number of simulations
>at the root.
>This is not so different from averaging just at the root, but there's a
>slight improvement.
> (the difference is probably much higher when building strategies, as in
>opening book building, instead of just choosing one move)
>It is, on the other hand, much better than averaging just before taking the
>decision (i.e., roughly speaking, voting) as proposed in some papers.
>More details in http://hal.inria.fr/inria-00512854/.
>Best regards,
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