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David Fotland fotland at smart-games.com
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Also the anchor should not be a version of a program under active
development, since rating comparisons are unreliable between different
versions of the same program.  I like Gnugo as the anchor.




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We had this discussion a while back and people wanted to keep gnugo as the


It makes sense that the anchor player should not be ridiculously weak
compared to the top players.  


The anchor should have these characteristics:


  1.  stable and bug free.

  2.  low resource - so that it can be reasonably hosted by anyone.

  3.  A level that provides predictable performance (not based on thinking
time, but nodes for instance.)

  4.  Should be in top half of programs currently competing, better if well
above median to provide room for growth.

  5.  Program should be open source as it's a reference program, provable,






On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 6:31 PM, Augusto <agugglez at gmail.com> wrote:

I propose to use a stronger bot together with GnuGo with a constant rating.

Fuego or Pachi are very good candidates since they are free to download and

This will allow the top programs to get harder challenges to prove their

To choose the ratings of these new bots, some tests have to be ran.
When we get a stable rating showing how strong the bot is compared to
GnuGo we can set up this rank as permanent and keep unchanged the
GnuGo bot's rank.

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