[Computer-go] mogo issues

David Fotland fotland at smart-games.com
Sun Oct 3 14:51:42 PDT 2010

I watched the games and I don't think it was lag.  Mogo was using a steady
15 or 20 seconds per move, right up to running out of time.  Does Mogo pay
attention to the time_elft messages over gtp, or does it set up its time
from the initial time_settings and ignore the actual time left?


Mogo had what looked to be a lost 19x19 game against Many Faces when it ran
out of time.  I think it lost to Erica without running out of time.  I don't
remember what happened against zen.  So I don't think it would have beaten
the top three programs, even without the time trouble.


It would be nice to see the latest mogo on cgos 19x19 to see where it really
stands against the current top programs.  Perhaps we could arrange a few day
where the top programs could all be present at the same time?


Or perhaps the latest mogo could participate in the kgs tournament next




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Yes, it's a pity that Mogo had so much trouble with time out (lag between
the machines, they said). Or I think maybe the medals will re-arrange. :)


I hope mogo has not been too much a trouble for the tournament - basically,
has won against very strong opponents, and has lost against weaker opponents
- that's a kind
of random noise in the competition due to mogo.
(I don't think it can be due to the lag, but we'll investigate that later)

Best regards, see you in the TAAI tournament maybe :-)

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