[Computer-go] I need an off-the-shelf final position live/dead evaluator

David Fotland fotland at smart-games.com
Mon Nov 29 23:31:30 PST 2010

For amateur games, people usually fill all the dame, so the floodfill will
work (provided seki is also evaluated correctly).

People sometimes stop playing before the dame are filled, leaving interior
points that must be connected.  This is a much harder problem.

For this application, I agree that a floodfill should be enough once life
and death is determined.

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> On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 11:13:12AM -0800, David Fotland wrote:
> > At the end of the game mcts is pretty good at life and death, but rarely
> > gets the exact score.
> Yes but once you know which stones you can disregard as being dead,
> counting the board becomes a simple flood-fill exercise, isn't it?
> I think 95% would be fine for automatic scoring purposes. If you
> properly visualise the stones evaluated as dead/alive and let the user
> change their status with a single touch, fixing up any errors manually
> should be bearable and quick.
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