[Computer-go] UEC2010 tournament pairing

Yamato yamato_cg at yahoo.co.jp
Sun Nov 28 21:42:48 PST 2010

Aja wrote:
>> >Fuego won the tournament.
>> Congratulations to Fuego.
>> Was it the same version as in SVN or do you have any secret improvements?
>> What was the command line you used?
>Hi Yamato,
>I asked Professor Mueller and Rich the same question yesterday. They replied 
>that this version of Fuego is almost identical to the one in Kanazawa and 
>the source will be released soon.  My feeling is Fuego's opening play is 
>obviously much stronger than in Kanazawa.

Well, it was almost same as the one in Kanazawa, and, was the Kanazawa
version almost same as SVN version or not?

>Fuego is scaled up to 112 threads quite well. Rich's paper of CG2010 "On the 
>Scalability of Parallel UCT" describes the details of how it works.

Thanks for the info.


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