[Computer-go] UEC2010 tournament pairing

Aja ajahuang at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 21:01:25 PST 2010

> >Fuego won the tournament.
> Congratulations to Fuego.
> Was it the same version as in SVN or do you have any secret improvements?
> What was the command line you used?

Hi Yamato,

I asked Professor Mueller and Rich the same question yesterday. They replied 
that this version of Fuego is almost identical to the one in Kanazawa and 
the source will be released soon.  My feeling is Fuego's opening play is 
obviously much stronger than in Kanazawa.

Fuego is scaled up to 112 threads quite well. Rich's paper of CG2010 "On the 
Scalability of Parallel UCT" describes the details of how it works.


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