[Computer-go] I need an off-the-shelf final position live/dead evaluator

Jim Babcock jim at jimrandomh.org
Sat Nov 27 20:53:25 PST 2010

Unfortunately, after doing some research I've discovered that the LGPL
doesn't work for cell phone apps. To use LGPLed code, it needs to be
separated into a dynamically linked library. Android's support for those is
terrible, and the iPhone bans them outright, so Fuego is out of the running.

I'm starting to suspect that I'll be forced to implement this myself,
obnoxious and time consuming as that is.
On Nov 27, 2010 12:37 PM, "Michael Williams" <michaelwilliams75 at gmail.com>
> Fuego is LGPL. It is plenty strong to score a finished or nearly finished
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