[Computer-go] I need an off-the-shelf final position live/dead evaluator

David Fotland fotland at smart-games.com
Sat Nov 27 10:07:26 PST 2010

The core life and death evaluator needs a few hundred KB of memory.
Remember that it was originally written to run well under DOS, with a total
memory budget for code and data of about 450 KB.  A full life/death
evaluation tables about 10 to 20 milliseconds on modern hardware.

Reasonable royalty income is at least several thousand dollars a year.
Otherwise it's not worth the distraction, contracts, NDAs, etc.


> > I license Many Faces's engine for applications that can generate
> reasonable
> > royalty income, but this application probably doesn't qualify.
> You haven't specified what order of magnitude would you consider
> sufficient. That
> said, skimming "Knowledge Representation in The Many Faces of Go" suggests
> that it's probably too memory intensive for my purposes.

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