[Computer-go] I need an off-the-shelf final position live/dead evaluator

Jim Babcock jimrandomh at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 10:43:58 PST 2010

I'm working on Go Scoring Camera, an Android cell phone app that will
photograph a board, do image processing to figure out where the stones
are, and score the game for you. For the scoring part, I need a liveness
evaluator; and since this is a previously solved problem, I figure it
would be best to take one off the shelf. So, I need a recommendation.

I need an evaluator that will take a final position and mark which groups
are live and which are dead.
  * Preferably in Java, but C or C++ would also work
  * If it's embedded in a larger context (such as an AI), it should be
    easy to separate.
  * The hardware budget is about five seconds of CPU time and 2MB of
  * It doesn't have to be perfectly accurate (the output will be inspected
    by a human), but higher accuracy is strongly preferred
Finally, I need the source code under a license such that I can
incorporate it into Go Scoring Camera, which will be payware, so no GPLed
programs unless the original author provides me with a separate license. I
am willing to pay for a license, if necessary.

If you know of or have written a position evaluator and you'd like me to
consider it, reply on this mailing list or email me directly. Please mention
what language it's written in, a brief summary of the algorithms it uses,
an estimate of its memory usage, and the license terms it's under.

Jim Babcock
jimrandomh at gmail.com

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