[Computer-go] Beta 3 of standard engines now Available

Robert Finking robertfinkng555 at o2.co.uk
Mon Nov 22 14:45:34 PST 2010

I've now uploaded the "hevy" engines to the below page. The lite and 
heavy packs now give a good spread of ratings (Elo of each engine at the 
time of writing this message is shown below).

The "lite" pack runs several lightweight engines in parallel:

    * 893 Elo - Brown 1.0
    * 1176 Elo - Go169
    * 1194 Elo - Amigo 1.7
    * 1388 Elo -Mirror Go player (falls back to Gnu3.8 L1 if mirror is
    * 1480 Elo - GnuGo3.8 Monte Carlo with 100 playouts
    * 1706 Elo - NeuroGo 2.1
    * 1798 Elo - GnuGo3.8 Level 1
    * 1982 Elo - Mogo3 (3000 playouts)

The "hevy" pack runs each of the following in sequence:

    * 1706 Elo - Aya 6.34
    * 1821 Elo - GnuGo 3.8 Cosmic
    * 1845 Elo - GnuGo 3.8 Monte Carlo (default 80 000 playouts)
    * 2141 Elo - Mogo3 (10 000 playouts)
    * 2230 Elo - Mogo3 (30 000 playouts)
    * 2471 Elo - Fuego 0.4.1

Most modern machines should be able to run both packs at the same time 
without risking any of the engines running out of time. You'll need a 
7zip compatible zip program to unzip the Hevy pack (plain old .zip file 
was too big to fit on the wiki). The lite pack is just a zip file. 
Download from this page:

I hope this is useful for keeping the rating system stable. I'll try to 
run the pack myself, but will be off doing other things for a while now, 
and will be focusing on writing my own program when I do get some time 
to look at this again.



On 20/11/2010 00:01, Robert Finking wrote:
> Hi All,
> The beta3 edition of the standard engine pack is now available on the 
> computergo wiki:
> http://computergo.wikispaces.com/CGOS+Standard+Engine+Packs
> This uses the new comma bots implemented by Don. This allows you to 
> contribute to the global rating of the bots.
> When you first start, you need to pick a password and a suffix. I have 
> taken "r" as I wanted to let you guys have the prestigious 0, 1, 2, 3 
> number prefixes =)
> This edition auto-restarts all engines after each round to get around 
> stability problems with a couple of the engines under Windows. Do not 
> be alarmed as windows disappear after each game and then reappear - 
> this is intentional.
> The file I've uploaded is just the "lite" engine pack, which is 
> designed to work on pretty much any Windows hardware. I've only been 
> able to test it on Windows XP, so if you have Vista or Windows 7, I'd 
> be very interested to hear whether the engine pack works successfully 
> on your platform.
> The "hevy" pack will follow in the next week or two. I've done most of 
> the work I think, just a case of getting it time on the server to iron 
> out wrinkles.
> I've included release notes for this version, which covers both lite 
> and heavy packs in a file called version.txt.
> Any questions, do ask.
> Cheers
> Raffles
> PS If you're away from e-mail, you can get to the wiki via Google if 
> you search for computergo wiki, as long as you put computergo in as a 
> single word - unfortunately "computer" and "go" are both rather common 
> words! http://www.google.com/search?q=computergo+wiki Alternatively 
> searching for  cgos standard engine pack, or, cgos gtp engine, works 
> quite well as cgos is an unusual "word". 
> http://www.google.com/search?q=cgos+gtp+engine
> On 18/11/2010 14:44, Don Dailey wrote:
>> There are now several comma bots on the server.   This should have a 
>> good impact on bringing the ELO ratings in line with the Bayeselo 
>> page.   I'm currently copying over their ratings every 2 hours.
>> So now we have a couple of questions to ask the group - primarily for 
>> those actually using CGOS.
>> One possible use of comma bots is for users to have control over how 
>> their programs get rated.   It was my original intentions to forbid 
>> general usage of this mechanism,  but it occurred to me that it's 
>> possible to just open this up to everyone -  you create a comma bot 
>> if you want the bayeselo rating to be copied over (every 2 hours or 
>> so.)     This effectively gives your bot the most accurate rating as 
>> it's based on your exact performance over all the games you have ever 
>> played.    It would also have a positive affect on the rating pool 
>> accuracy.
>> Another possibility is to discourage this and reserve it for clone 
>> bots designed to add stability to the rating system.
>> As a separate issue it is possible to use this copy mechanism for 
>> bots who have played less than 100 or 200 games.    Since that is 
>> probably a huge number of bots over time it would be restricted to 
>> bots that have recent activity, perhaps within the last 24 hours.
>> Any thoughts on either of these points?
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