[Computer-go] informal results for TAAI competition --- nice coin toss game :-)

Olivier Teytaud olivier.teytaud at lri.fr
Fri Nov 19 20:24:34 PST 2010

Just an informal email for pointing out the results of the TAAI competition
these days;
1) in 19x19 mogoTW won (second is DeepZen, the cluster version of Zen), on a
game which is a huge semeai
  and a big seki. Both programs did not understand the semeai, so they
played stupid moves and MoGo was
  lucky so that it won this game, which was clearly a coin-toss game, as
well as, I think, all games between strong programs
  currently :-)
  Sometimes I feel I should not spend time in competitions before having
something which clearly cancels this "coin-toss" effect.
  This game is on KGS (last game between deepzen and mogobot5), I find it a
really clear example of coin-toss game on a big
  semeai. Incidentally, the game was erroneously scored by KGS.

2) MoGoTW won also the 13x13 game. I was a little sleeping at this point so
I won't give any comment :-)

3) Finally, MoGoTW won the 9x9 game which was not exactly a coin toss: the
best opening book among strong programs wins...
    Happy won a game against MoGo and is second. Coldmilk is third.

Please forgive me in case of errors in this informal report - mainly I
consider that the game
between mogobot5 and zen (deepzen) is a really nice example of coin-toss
game :-)

I'd like also to point out that I've been surprised by the good level of
papers - a good place for submitting your good MCTS papers next year :-)

Best regards,
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