[Computer-go] 4th GPW Cup, etc.

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Thu Nov 18 15:08:24 PST 2010

I'm sorry for the delay, Nick but I'm really busy this month (last 
weekend I was at GPW in Hakone, now at TAAI in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and 
next I'll be at UEC Cup in Chofu ;-).

Following is the info of the 4th GPW Cup Computer Go Tournaments.

Date: November 12-13 (a night event of GPW 2010)
Place: Hakone, Japan

13x13 Go tournament

Rules: Round-robin, area scoring, simple ko, no sucide, 7.5 komi, 20 
min each.
Participants: Zen, Aya, Coldmilk and Nomitan (4 programs).
Results: 1st Zen, 2nd Aya, 3rd Coldmilk.

9x9 Go tournament

Rules: Round-robin, area scoring, simple ko, no sucide, 7.0 komi, 10 
min each.
Participants: All but Zen (6 programs).
Results: 1st Aya, 2nd Coldmilk, 3rd Nomitan.

Team and hardware info

Program	Author(s)	Algorithm	Hardware
Aya	Hiroshi YMASHITA	MCTS	Core duo/1.83 GHz 1.5 GB RAM
Coldmilk	Cheng-Wei Chou & Shi-Jim Yen	MCTS	Core i7/1.66 GHz	8 GB 9x9), 
4 GB (13x13)
Goemon	Naoki MASUKO	MCTS	Core2duo/2.26 GHz, 4 GB RAM
MC_ark	Nobuo ARAKI	MCTS	Core2duo/1.83 GHz, 4 GB RAM
Nomitan	JAIST Iida Lab	MCTS	Core2quad Q9000/2 GHz	2 GB RAM
Core2duo/2.6 GHz	4 GB RAM
Zen	Yoji OJIMA	MCTS	Pentium-M/1.5 GHz, 1.2 GB RAM

Coldmilk is a Taiwanese and others are Japanese team(s).

All programs were limited to use one core for each tournament by the 
regulation (newly introduced).

Preliminary results of the TAAI 2010 Computer Go Tournaments
(See http://ai.csie.ndhu.edu.tw:9898/eng/).

19x19 Go tournament was held yesterday (Nov 18th) at National Chiao 
Tung University in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Results: 1st MoGo, 2nd DeepZen, 3rd Go Intellect, 4th Coldmilk 
(DeepZen is the cluster version of Zen).

You can see all game records at KGS with the names: mogobot5, 
DeepZen19, GI (Go Intellect IV) and coldmilk.

The game with MoGo and Zen was so complicated and exciting that I 
attatched the record. Near the end DeepZen was ahead but both had 
less than 10 seconds and Zen made a won semeai at top left corner a 
seki. MoGo won by a half point.


Nick Wedd: <Kc$R6UV5DY5MFATj at maproom.demon.co.uk>:
>I believe there was a computer Go event, the 4th GPW Cup, somewhere in 
>Japan on November 12-13.  Does anyone know what happened?
>Also, the TAAI (Taiwanese Association for Atrificial Intelligence), in 
>Hsinchu, Taiwan, now.
Hideki Kato <mailto:hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp>
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