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Brian Sheppard sheppardco at aol.com
Thu Nov 18 12:19:24 PST 2010

Sure, let anyone create a comma bot. Users get faster testing from having
multiple bots, and the community gets more rating stability. Everyone wins.


I think that there should be a minimum number of games for copying Bayeselo,
but I don't feel strongly about any particular number. Maybe only 30 games
for Bayeselo to be as stable as online updating.


The "last 24 hours" restriction doesn't seem to matter much. If a bot hasn't
played since the last copying, then it has no more new data, so the only
changes are from second-order effects.




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There are now several comma bots on the server.   This should have a good
impact on bringing the ELO ratings in line with the Bayeselo page.   I'm
currently copying over their ratings every 2 hours. 


So now we have a couple of questions to ask the group - primarily for those
actually using CGOS.   


One possible use of comma bots is for users to have control over how their
programs get rated.   It was my original intentions to forbid general usage
of this mechanism,  but it occurred to me that it's possible to just open
this up to everyone -  you create a comma bot if you want the bayeselo
rating to be copied over (every 2 hours or so.)     This effectively gives
your bot the most accurate rating as it's based on your exact performance
over all the games you have ever played.    It would also have a positive
affect on the rating pool accuracy.  


Another possibility is to discourage this and reserve it for clone bots
designed to add stability to the rating system.  


As a separate issue it is possible to use this copy mechanism for bots who
have played less than 100 or 200 games.    Since that is probably a huge
number of bots over time it would be restricted to bots that have recent
activity, perhaps within the last 24 hours.    


Any thoughts on either of these points?





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