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Thu Nov 18 11:59:57 PST 2010

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 2:05 PM, Christoph Birk <
birk at obs.carnegiescience.edu> wrote:

> On Thu, 18 Nov 2010, Don Dailey wrote:
>> There are now several comma bots on the server.   This should have a good
>> impact on bringing the ELO ratings in line with the Bayeselo page.   I'm
>> currently copying over their ratings every 2 hours.
> I thought you only update the Bayeselo page every 6 hours.

I do,  but between updates the comma bots still drift.     You are probably
arguing that I should only update after a bayelo calculation and that
probably makes sense too.

> I like the idea of allowing ',-bots' for everyone. As you
> mentioned earlier, it allows for faster testing, assuming
> the pairing algorithm avoid games between ',bots' of the
> same "family".

I think I like that idea too - I just want to get a consensus or
near-consensus if possible since I feel the server belongs to everyone,  not
just me.

>  As a separate issue it is possible to use this copy mechanism for bots who
>> have played less than 100 or 200 games.    Since that is probably a huge
>> number of bots over time it would be restricted to bots that have recent
>> activity, perhaps within the last 24 hours.
> About "huge number of bots":
> I had a look at the Bayeselo page and found a large number
> of bots with less than 100 games (some as low as 30) "polluting"
> the page (I noticed "Programs must have played 20 Games").
> May I suggest to let these "fall-off" over time, at least
> from the web-page? I recommend at least 200 games to
> stay permanently. Any bot that has played less than that
> can be safely considered a test.

Yes, something could be done to improve that.   I don't like to see so many
programs with such low game counts and if we have the bayeselo transfers
anyway it's less important so maybe I will up the number of games required
to get listed on the page.    (I believe I rate EVERY game however,  even if
it's not displayed.)

Thanks for the feedback.


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