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>Here is a link that has information about the competition event we
>participated. It is in Chinese, but has a few pictures.

I can't read Chinese, and Babelfish isn't much help, it talks about
"the illusory image Chinese chess".  So can you please explain, did this 
event include 19x19 Go, and if it did, who won?  Also 13x13.

Thank you for posting the 9x9 results.


>On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 8:42 PM, Fuming Wang <fumingw85 at gmail.com>
>  Our FPGA implementation of 9x9 Go, XMU-FPGA, had just participated a
>  national Computer games competition event in Beijing, China. There
>  are 6 participant in 9x9 Go category, with one of them quite strong
>  (Lingo), while 3 others with reasonable strengths,including XMU-FPGA
>  (about as strong as gnu go 3.8). XMU-FPGA did quite well, and
>  finished second place after Lingo. Details of our FPGA
>  implementation has been published at a recent conference, and people
>  interested can send me email in private for a copy of the paper.
>  Best regards,
>  Fuming Wang
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