[Computer-go] Gomill - GTP strength comparison and parameter tuning tools

Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Mon Nov 15 15:05:15 PST 2010


On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 09:27:34PM +0000, Matthew Woodcraft wrote:
> Gomill - GTP strength comparison and parameter tuning tools
> I've spent some time recently cleaning up the scripts I use for
> comparing the strength of different versions of my program, and for
> tuning parameters.
> I've put them up for download in the hope that other people will find
> them useful. They're at http://mjw.woodcraft.me.uk/gomill/ (docs at
> http://mjw.woodcraft.me.uk/gomill/doc/ ).
> The main program is basically a version of twogtp with added features,
> including:
>  - testing multiple pairings in one run
>  - playing multiple games in parallel
>  - displaying live results
>  - engine configuration by command line options or GTP commands
>  - a protocol for including per-move engine diagnostics in SGF output

  Nice work!

  Some people might also be interested in:


(It's included in Pachi source tree, but is absolutely independent.)
Its main advantage is the ability to very easily start off testing
instances on many machines sharing the same NFS volume. But it's perhaps
somewhat less user-friendly.

>  - automatically tuning engine parameters based on game results (EXPERIMENTAL)

  This is very interesting! I'd be intrigued to know how well this works
for you in practice, e.g. how many games are required for basic tuning
of few [0,1](R values.

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