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Pawel Koziol pp.koziol at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 00:14:51 PST 2010


My name is Pawel Koziol, I live in Warsaw, Poland, working as a freelance
translator, editor or proofreader, thus wasting my PhD in mediaeval
literature. I also am a self-taught, amateur programmer, and a co-author of
a chess-playing entity called Glass (http://www.marittima.pl/glass).

The go engine, called somwhat unimaginatively "Hopeless" (just like my first
chess program) is available at:


The machine is based on a random playing engine called Brown (see README). I
just used it to play random MonteCarlo playouts, then tried to exclude some
more moves,  then to direct random playouts a bit. At the root, a score is
modified using some heuristics.

Hopeless has just achieved its first goal, beating igowin a couple of times
on an empty 9x9 board, no komi, in under 5 minutes. It requires about 2000
simulations for each tentative move, so something like 150.000 per early
game board position.

My next goal is to add "an implausible move rejector" (seems to require less
knowledge than a plausible move generator) in order to cut down the playing

Pawel Koziol
pp.koziol at gmail.com
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