[Computer-go] ManyFaces swindled of victory?

Petri Pitkanen petri.t.pitkanen at gmail.com
Sat Nov 13 03:52:43 PST 2010

All my wind against ManyFaces tend to be swindles. It clearly better at
certain things than I am, but when big groups get cut off and eyeless I can
win fights where I should lose. I could easily find you a game where I won
by winning a huge semeai where MFOG could have just by playing it out  or by
making eye/eyes earlier. So you don't need even many confusing fights. One
big one will do. Well and in my cases a bit of luck as well.


2010/11/13 terry mcintyre <terrymcintyre at yahoo.com>

> This is a curious game - a 3 stone game betwixt ManyFaces and a 2 kyu
> player.
> It looks to my eye as if MFGO was well ahead in the middle game, yet
> managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
> Black has many unsettled groups; usually a stronger player causes much
> grief in situations like this, but black managed to turn around and swallow
> up not one but several white groups.
> Most interesting. I think this confirms an earlier thread - when there are
> several semeai on the board, MCT-based strategies get into difficulties.
> I think strong human players tend to have a better grasp of "this
> particular fight is settled, no need to study it further until a liberty is
> removed (in which case respond now!); let's focus on this other fight
> instead . . ."
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