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Don Dailey dailey.don at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 18:38:04 PST 2010

On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 8:54 PM, Jason House <jason.james.house at gmail.com>wrote:

> On Nov 12, 2010, at 7:40 PM, Don Dailey <dailey.don at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I have a question here. What is the rating on the main list, and how does
>> it relate to Bayeselo? E.g. if I look on
>> <http://cgos.boardspace.net/9x9/bayes.html>
>> http://cgos.boardspace.net/9x9/bayes.html, I see that _Gnu3.8L1_2 has an
>> Elo of 1857 after playing 258 games. On
>> <http://cgos.boardspace.net/9x9/standings.html>
>> http://cgos.boardspace.net/9x9/standings.html (the only page I normally
>> look at for ratings) it has a rating of 1760 (after playing 258 games). How
>> do these two numbers relate, and also how will it work, copying the Elo
>> across to the main table, which at the moment doesn't look like it contains
>> Elo? Sorry to ask basic questions - I'm still new =)I see on the Elo page
>> that the Lazy,* bots have between them accrued 144 games. and have a
>> combined Elo of 2111. But on the main ratings page I see two separate bots,
>> Lazy,0 and Lazy,1.  Is the idea that when you do the copy-over, the main
>> ratings page will also only show Lazy,* ?
> No, the main page will always track the players as separate individuals.
> So you should see Lazy,0 and Lazy,1 on the main page.
> On the Bayeselo page, which has the most accurate ratings,  you will only
> see Lazy,*
> When bayeselo runs it produces as output a set of sql commands that (for
> now) I will manually run from time to time.    They just update the ratings
> field for the comma bots.
> So as soon as I update the ratings of the comma bots you will see them
> start drifting away until I do the update again.
> I think any sync to baeselo should update all bots, not just the comma
> bots. Without that, it may take a while for other stable bots to resettle.
> It'll also make the comma bots drift faster if you don't.

It's pointless to do that,  we might as well just use bayeselo exclusively.
    I actually considered making bayeselo the main page and removing the
other stuff.

But I think it would be annoying to get a certain rating and then without
playing any games come back a week later and the rating has changed.

I think incremental ratings are best and what we are doing here is making it
a lot more stable.

It will take some time for the bots to re-sync,   but that's ok.   As it
turns out Bayeselo rating seem to be higher so no bot will be rewarded for
not playing.    I think the rating pool in general has been deflating so
this will keep it stable.


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