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The main page is rated incrementally,  after each game your rating changes.
  Only the anchor remains the same.

Bayeselo rates ALL the games ever played as if it were a big major
tournament and it is stable, based on your performance through all time.

Both systems view the anchor player as having a fixed rating.


On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 6:41 PM, Robert Finking <robertfinkng555 at o2.co.uk>wrote:

> Hi Don,
> On 12/11/2010 20:08, Don Dailey wrote:
>> I made the change to the scripts which computer bayeselo ratings.   Every
>> bot which ends with the  ",?"  suffix (where the question mark is a wildcard
>> character)  will be rated as if it were a single player.   It will show up
>> in bayeselo with ",*"  (comma asterisk) appended.
> Great - sounds good. I'll try to get beta 3 out soon with comma suffixes.
> I've got a bit of rework to do due to my misunderstanding of the way
> suffixes should work, so will probably be a week or so before I get the pack
> out.
>> ...
>> I also intend to synchronize bayeselo ratings with the main list by
>> periodically copying the ratings from bayeselo to the standard list for
>> these comma bots.   I will not copy ratings for other bots,  just the comma
>> bots.
> Great - this will really  bring in the benefit of the changes!
>  This should have a fairly powerful standardizing effect on the rating
>> pool.   Bayeselo is standardized by a single anchor but there should be no
>> drift if the anchor has played enough games and so the comma bots should
>> always have accurate ratings, at least to accuracy of the ELO rating system
>> and the number of samples.
> I have a question here. What is the rating on the main list, and how does
> it relate to Bayeselo? E.g. if I look on
> http://cgos.boardspace.net/9x9/bayes.html, I see that _Gnu3.8L1_2 has an
> Elo of 1857 after playing 258 games. On
> http://cgos.boardspace.net/9x9/standings.html (the only page I normally
> look at for ratings) it has a rating of 1760 (after playing 258 games). How
> do these two numbers relate, and also how will it work, copying the Elo
> across to the main table, which at the moment doesn't look like it contains
> Elo? Sorry to ask basic questions - I'm still new =)I see on the Elo page
> that the Lazy,* bots have between them accrued 144 games. and have a
> combined Elo of 2111. But on the main ratings page I see two separate bots,
> Lazy,0 and Lazy,1.  Is the idea that when you do the copy-over, the main
> ratings page will also only show Lazy,* ?
> Apologies for the basic questions! Thanks for doing this.
> Raffles
>> Please note that it will be good if the actual anchor continues to
>> participate on a regular basis.
>> Don
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