[Computer-go] cgos bayeselo

Don Dailey dailey.don at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 12:08:49 PST 2010

I made the change to the scripts which computer bayeselo ratings.   Every
bot which ends with the  ",?"  suffix (where the question mark is a wildcard
character)  will be rated as if it were a single player.   It will show up
in bayeselo with ",*"  (comma asterisk) appended.

There is no check to prevent clones from playing each other - I may or may
not try to fix that later.

I also intend to synchronize bayeselo ratings with the main list by
periodically copying the ratings from bayeselo to the standard list for
these comma bots.   I will not copy ratings for other bots,  just the comma
bots.     This should have a fairly powerful standardizing effect on the
rating pool.   Bayeselo is standardized by a single anchor but there should
be no drift if the anchor has played enough games and so the comma bots
should always have accurate ratings, at least to accuracy of the ELO rating
system and the number of samples.

Please note that it will be good if the actual anchor continues to
participate on a regular basis.

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