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To my surprise, Bing translated that page to quite understandable English.


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Here is a link that has information about the competition event we
participated. It is in Chinese, but has a few pictures.



On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 8:42 PM, Fuming Wang <fumingw85 at gmail.com> wrote:

Our FPGA implementation of 9x9 Go, XMU-FPGA, had just participated a
national Computer games competition event in Beijing, China. There are 6
participant in 9x9 Go category, with one of them quite strong (Lingo), while
3 others with reasonable strengths,including XMU-FPGA (about as strong as
gnu go 3.8). XMU-FPGA did quite well, and finished second place after Lingo.
Details of our FPGA implementation has been published at a recent
conference, and people interested can send me email in private for a copy of
the paper.

Best regards,

Fuming Wang


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