[Computer-go] CGOS Dropped Connections - Two automatic losses on time.

Robert Finking robertfinkng555 at o2.co.uk
Mon Nov 8 14:52:13 PST 2010

Hi Don,

I think I've got it!

On 08/11/2010 14:17, Don Dailey wrote:
> One possible solution is for the server to force the previous login to 
> disconnect if it thinks that player is currently connected.   It will 
> send a quit command to the client and then realize there is no 
> connection and this is trapped. 

Would it be possible to check the IP address of the the login? Only 
allow a repeat login from the same IP address, this would stop other 
users booting a standard pack which was already logged in.

I am probably being very slow here. This is probably what you meant in 
the first place yes? This is a great idea if you can check IP addresses 
=) Sorry for not catching on when I first read your mail.

When do you think it will be possible to do this, (and also the 
combining of results/ELO for standard engines)? I will try to get the 
beta 3 release done to fit in with your timings.

Thanks again for running the server - great =)



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