[Computer-go] CGOS Dropped Connections - Two automatic losses on time.

Christoph Birk birk at obs.carnegiescience.edu
Mon Nov 8 08:29:12 PST 2010

On Nov 8, 2010, at 6:17 AM, Don Dailey wrote:

> One possible solution is for the server to force the previous login  
> to disconnect if it thinks that player is currently connected.   It  
> will send a quit command to the client and then realize there is no  
> connection and this is trapped.
> On time forfeit I could automatically close the connection which  
> should also tell the server what the state of the connection is.     
> It will of course be up to the client to reconnect.
> I should probably not forfeit games where one of the players has not  
> made at least 1 move - although the previous 2 fixes should prevent  
> that from happening.    But this might be useful for debugging new  
> programs.

I prefer just the last "fix" (void games where one player has not made  
a single move).


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