[Computer-go] OT: prices for fast computer-go hardware

Darren Cook darren at dcook.org
Sun Nov 7 18:13:33 PST 2010

> I think there must be a typo on this page. In one place it claims
> quad cpu, in another 12 cores.

The Opteron 6174 is a 12-core CPU (2.2Ghz), so that benchmark is 48
cores. (The sums below seem to bear this out.)

> And the price won't buy 4 of those CPUs. But it is fast!

$1133 from Amazon:


By the way, fascinating charts aren't they. The four Opteron 6174's 48
cores are "only" 3 times quicker than a single Intel Core i7 980X @
3.33GHz (6 cores); but if you need a fast SMP machine then that becomes:
it is an incredible 3 times quicker, and yet only just over 3 times the
cost [1].

(If the Ghz was comparable it would be 4.5x quicker with 8 times the
cores; so they are losing half the speed... somewhere...)


[1]: Yes, 4.5x the cost for just the CPUs, but add in another $800 for
every else you need for a single CPU machine and $1200 for a multi-cpu
machine, and it is $1800 vs. $5700.

>> More poking around on that site finds:
>> http://www.cpubenchmark.net/multi_cpu.html
>> where the top performer is a quad cpu Opteron 6174 (12 cores / cpu)
>> at a cost of $4536. What I don't see is who sells this unit!

>> 	http://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html

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